Monday, October 20, 2014

34 DIY Storage Cabinet

Well!  It took much longer than I planned (which is typically the case with our DIY projects), but now it is done and I am excited to proclaim, "We built a cabinet!"

A little over a year ago we tackled our storage room and I organized all of my painting supplies on some open wooden shelves.  I loved the outcome, but ultimately decided that certain stains, cleaners and spray paints would be better off stored in a location further away from the furnace and water heater.  And if I were going to move some, I thought, better to keep everything together and just move it all.

Since taking everything out of the storage room, my paint supplies have been hanging out in limbo.  Stacks of cans and jars have been living in our laundry room until we could find the time and the right solution for getting things organized... again.

I had been keeping my eyes out for some sort of cabinet, but nothing that was the right size, color, shape or style was hitting my budget.  Therefore, things have just sat on hold for the last year.  Until now!  We decided to finally get something built to tackle the problem once and for all.

Some of my paint supplies are pretty (jars of colorful paint), while others are less sightly (cans of stain).  So, a combination of open and concealed storage would have to do the trick.  And of course we didn't need anything too fancy, considering the ultimate function was just to store paint.

Thinking it would be nice to have everything behind doors, I decided on glass upper cabinets and standard lowers.  Although glass faced cabinets are probably totally DIY-able, I opted to seek some out to use and then build the cabinet around them instead.  We checked out some home improvement stores, our local Habitat Re-Store and IKEA.  The most cost effective solution we came across were the BORGSJÖ white doors from IKEA, which was exactly what I was looking for paired with soft closing hinges and a fair price of $55 for all four doors.

Below is the plan we came up for to accommodate the doors we purchased:

For this build, we purchased two 1/2" inch 4'x8' MDF boards from Home Depot for about $45.  We also purchased 4" crown molding, decorative floor molding and a piece of 4'x8' MDF paneling.

All of the tools and additional supplies we used to build this cabinet, we already had on hand:
  • Circular Saw
  • Saw Guide
  • Saw Horses
  • Miter Saw
  • Brad Nailer
  • Wood Glue
  • Caulk/Caulk Gun
  • Cordless Drill
The entire piece was built out of the two MDF boards.  Bryan started by laying out the doors and cutting pieces to size accordingly.

Our IKEA did not have the white doors in stock for the bottom, but since I was planning on painting them, I purchased them anyway.

The final dimensions of the cabinet ended up at 75" tall x 29 1/4" wide x 16" deep.

Using strips of the MDF, we began by making a sturdy base for the cabinet to sit on.  This would also give us some height for the floor molding.

Everything was affixed with a combination of wood glue and the brad nailer.  All of the wood pieces were cut to size with our circular saw paired with the saw guide.  I think that guide is one of my hubby's most favorite tools, ever.

To ensure the cabinet was reinforced throughout, we built a second cross support at the center of the frame.  Bonus points for woodworking in leopard flats.  I got to play with the brad nailer for this project and now that I have learned how to use it, it just be my favorite tool!

Because the shelves would be holding a bit of weight, we added extra strips of scrap MDF along the edges as added support (also glued and nailed in place).  Here is a view of the frame with all of the shelves assembled, as well as the bottom side of the middle shelf.  We ended up adding one more strip of support across the top of the cabinet as well, where the crown molding would ultimately be attached.

The final building step was to add the MDF panel to the back, and caulk everything in with white painter's caulk.

As I mentioned, I planned on painting the entire cabinet as well as the IKEA doors we purchased.  So I started with a coat of primer on everything.

Then, I had to decide on a color.  I went through my paint stash and no surprise, had about 15 different tealy blues to select from.  I even popped a coat of one onto the doors and placed them into the laundry room to test things out (FYI - these painting pyramids will be your best friend when painting cabinet doors).

But considering our laundry room already has a lot of pattern and color happening, and that there would be clear display in the top of the cabinet adding to it, I decided that maybe I should just stick with boring ol' white.  Totally not my style, but sometimes I surprise myself.  So back to the painting board I went, and FOUR coats of pure white paint later, we were able to move her inside to her new home.

The IKEA doors came with nice hinges, so it was just a matter of pre-drilling some holes into the inside of the cabinet and attaching the doors as the final celebratory step!

I already use the Anthropologie melon pulls around my home (our nightstands and painted dining room hutch) and we really love them, so it was my natural default to add a little color and class to this new cabinet as well.

I just keep looking at the cabinet and high fiving my Mr. shouting, "We made that!".  True story friends!

Essentially, it is just a giant MDF cabinet, showing the power of paint and decorative accents like molding, hardware and even pretty glass doors.  I really love that we were able to customize something to fit our space and our needs and create a unique piece that will rock as laundry room paint storage.

I am guessing you know where I will be after the boys head to bed this evening... loading this baby up of course!  I was also able to reuse some of that bird paper to cover a few boxes this weekend, and I can wait to pop those beauties behind the glass doors!

I have piles of laundry, paint and supplies on the floors at the moment, so for now, I will leave you with the beautiful shot of our week long project and give you a bigger room shot once I clean things up a bit.  Until then, I am off to continue my celebrating of a pretty DIY cabinet that will be a versatile storage piece for us to use for many years to come!

Happy Organizing!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

34 UHeart Organizing: An Organized Child's Room

My beautiful friend Courtney, is a gal I admire in many facets of life.  She has a heart of gold and this mighty talent for making any space beautiful, functional and whimsical.  And she shares that magic over on her blog, A Thoughtful Place.

Days when she comes over here to share a tip or space always make me grin big, and today is no exception.  When I saw she also loves to remove doors from her kid's closets, I squealed out loud, "YES!".  And that is just the beginning.  Here she is now!

Hi, everyone! Excited to be here today sharing our son’s room and how we organized it to really make the most of the space. Each year, as our children grow, we have to revisit their rooms and make adjustments so that things stay organized and efficient. This year we made some changes to his closet and how we prep his clothes for the week.

To increase the real estate in this room we decided to think outside of the box. We took the closet doors off and stored them in the garage {for down the road when there are far less toys in his room}. We turned the traditional closet into a storage area for toys, some clothes, and other items.

This seriously added a huge amount of space to his room. I am a big fan of taking doors off of closets in the rooms of little ones. You just have to be clever about the storage you may lose in doing so. Our son has a large dresser in his room {six drawers} which is more than enough space for his clothes. It helps that he is only six and his clothes are still relatively small! We don’t miss the hanging space at all. But you can see that to the right of the bookshelves there is still room to hang things. We could on the left hand side as well but we really only hang his dress shirts, sweaters, and navy blazer {for when he gets all snazzy}.

So here is a close up of the right side. Below the hanging clothes is a white storage bin from Target. It holds clothes that were passed down from my nephew but do not fit my son yet.

Both bookcases house books and toys. I unified the space by choosing bins that are in the room’s color scheme and by using the same chalkboard labels on most of them.

The left side has another storage bin for clothes that we need to part with because they no longer fit. I also will store out of season clothes in one of the drawers. His cute little sleeping bag gets tucked away here as well.

Because we started full time school this year with first grade, I wanted my son to be ready each morning as quickly as possible. We took a shoe hanger and cut it off so that only five bins remained. It is such an easy way to set out his outfits for the week. Not to mention this system keeps him from wearing the same shirt everyday. Do your kiddos do that, too? Seriously. He would sport the same green and white collared shirt every day if I let him.

It doesn’t get any fancier than this! Ha! Holding it up is just a flat spring rod resting on the shelves. It has worked like a charm.

The top of each bookcase holds very special wooden toys hand mad by his late great grandfather. These and his microscope from Santa last year are pretty darn special and have earned the top shelf spot! And never under estimate the power of the Banker’s Box. I adore these for storing odds and ends. Most of the items in them are mine and not my son’s. It’s great added storage!

And last but not least, we have a tall Ikea Expedit in one corner of his room which holds more toys and books. Always a fan of this piece. You can’t beat the storage space. We attached a reading light to give it some extra character.

I am hoping you are inspired to rethink your closet if you have one that isn’t functioning as well as it could be. I honestly think that there is much to be gained from thinking outside the box with children’s rooms. Thanks for letting me share. Always a pleasure to get to hang out in Jen’s neck of the woods. She has the greatest readers ever. Enjoy your day, everyone.

"Do you believe in love at first sight? I sure do because when I first stumbled upon I Heart Organizing I immediately fell in love with Jen's mad organizational skills. I think we all long for a calm, organized, well styled life. I am the author of A Thoughtful Place blog where I dish on all things related to decorating, organizing, entertaining, and of course DIY-ing! To be quite honest, working on making my house a home is my happy place. It fulfills my need to be creative and I love sharing ideas {both big and small} with my readers. Along with my blog, I am a contributing writer to House of Fifty and have recently started my own decorating firm, Casey Grace Design, LLC, with my talented sister. I call Orange County, California home where I live with amazing husband and two children. At the end of a busy day, I love to enjoy an ice cold beer on the front porch with my hubby while we watch our children ride their bikes or run around. Life is sweet and I am thrilled to be a part of the IHeart Organizing Team."
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